Social Media Marketing Trends for the hospitality industry for 2014

The digital age has given the hotel industry a broader marketing opportunity. With people getting so hooked up with multimedia and the social media, there is now an additional avenue for showcasing the beauty and individuality of your hospitality business with the help of 360 degree virtual tour.

In 2013, the hotel industry saw the growing power of mobile, working together with competent website designs to attract clients and increase bookings. If you know the right strategy to combine these two most influential trends and use them to your advantage, there will be mounting demands for your business.

Here are some of the strategies that are proven most effective in social media marketing. Analysts themselves foresee these tools as strongest partners for growth this 2014.

A Big Help from Google+

No one can deny that Google is the broadest, most popular search engine we have today. Google is the place where people can find whatever they are looking for – the best restaurants, best buys and best hotels for their vacation. Utilize the influence of Google+ because Google prioritizes pages listed there. Make sure your hospitality business have a page in Google+ and include all the subpages for your spa, restaurant, etc. You better get moving especially now that Google+ has established partnership with YouTube and Google Places.

Social Media

Make sure you have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts so you can connect with a broader audience. These days, people just can’t get enough of the social media. It’s an essential part of everyone’s life so grab every opportunity to traffic they’re feeds with your hotel information, photos and videos. Be proactive in posting and sharing. Do it several times daily because people rely on the social media for most of their decisions, bookings included.

Hotel Photography

All these social media opportunities will be useless if you do not post photos that will blow the minds of everyone who sees it. Interest in photography is at a full-blown stage in this generation so take advantage of that. Never hold back in choosing a photographer or photography group that can shoot the best photos of your hotel business. If you need to spend a hefty amount, it will not be a waste of money because hotel photography is a surefire way to success. The best tool to entice potential clients is a 360 degree virtual tour. With this marketing weapon, you’re giving your audience an online experience of your hotel as if they are standing in front of the area.

Use the 360 degree virtual tour to give your viewers 360-degree panoramas of the most interesting areas of your hotel. Make sure that the photos are the best shots of the area because a single unpleasant shot can turn down a possible booking.

With these tips in mind, you can maximize the love of people for social media and their reliance on hotel photography in choosing the best venue for their events, trips and vacation escapades.

5 Best Practices for Mobile Sites

One of the keys to successful online marketing is the regular updating of style and content of your site. If you are not doing this, hospital your viewership will eventually decrease because there is nothing new to see.

Here are some of the tips to make sure you are connected to your potential clients. It takes an improvement of your site to conform to the needs of your market.

•Utilize Email Marketing

Although websites and social networking accounts are deemed the most effective promotional tools of today, cialis do not make the mistake of ignoring the power of emails. After all, your target audience is not all the same. There are people, maybe most professionals, who are not into Facebook or Twitter. You can only reach these people through email where they can see your business information.

•Maintain Simplicity

Any mobile website must be considerate of the space used for information positioning. Keep in mind that these will be displayed in the smaller screens of mobile devices. It will be best to keep your content simple yet substantive. Learn to summarize the message you are trying to convey. Strategize on how you will place the photos and other media content of your page. You must incorporate hotel photography in your mobile site to present your business in a visually artistic manner. All these contents must be positioned in your sites in the most aesthetically valuable way possible.

•Make your Content Compatible to Touchscreen Devices

This is one of the most important things to remember when creating your site. Mobile phones are different from desktop navigation in many ways. One is that mobile phones do not have the hovering feature. In setting up your mobile site, it will be better to eliminate this element as it will be useless. Also, touchscreen technology has a different zooming gesture. In these mobile devices, fingers are used to zoom in and zoom out pages. You can use this technique to your advantage by setting up 360 degree virtual tours on your mobile sites. With fingers used for navigation and with the touchscreen feature of mobile phones, a 360 degree virtual tour will be easier to view for your potential clients.

•Less Scrolling Function

Make your mobile site convenient for users by reducing or totally eliminating the need to scroll left and right to see the contents. This will make your site more attractive to the viewers because they are able to see all the information and media content in just one column. They do not have to move the screen to the left or right because by just scrolling up and down, all the information they need to see will be viewed. If they find it hard to navigate on your mobile site, there is a chance they will never come back.

•No Clutter

The appearance of your website at the first glance is crucial to attract the viewers and make them come back for more. The site must look simple, elegant and spacious. For a mobile site, this is quite a challenge because that would also mean cutting out some portions of your content. But you have to do this if you want your viewers to feel comfortable navigating your site.

Summarize the information placed therein but make it catchy. You do not need a novel to gain attention. Just use the right words; supply them with great hotel photography and it’ll be good.

Make the style, color and theme of your mobile site very relaxing. Do not put too much content. Choose the right photos. Add a 360 degree virtual tour for a realistic overview of your hotel. These are just some of the things you can do to make your mobile site a client magnet.

15 Ways to Create Hotel Video in a cost effective way

15 Ways to Create Hotel Video in a cost effective way!

Having a video posted on your online site is the best way to promote your hospitality business. In the age of digital and mobile marketing, the competition is about which hotels have the best photos and videos in their social networking accounts and heir official webpage. There are now different tools and means to create effective promotional videos that will not hurt the company’s budget.

Few ways to create your hotel video and spend a reasonable amount for expenses…

1. Invest on Equipment
In order to create videos that will impress the audience, you must invest on camera, recorder and other similar devices you will need to capture the facade and beautiful areas of your hotel. The wisest choice is the equipment that will produce high-quality videos.

2. Invest on Manpower
Find people with the capability to capture videos in a very artistic way. Invest on a photo or video team with great artistic skills, sufficient knowledge and appropriate experience in making promotional videos.
3. Brainstorming
Before doing the shoot, deliberate with the whole team about the best areas of the hotel and the other elements that you will include in the video.

4. Add a Personal Touch
Do not leave everything up to the videographer or photographer. Try to add a personal touch to the videos and photos. Make sure the video will reflect the heart of your business. Take part in the shooting and editing of videos and photos and make them unique.

5. 360 degree virtual tours
360 degree virtual tours are the most effective promotional tools in the hotel business. They enable the viewers to look in every direction of the place, as if standing in that very location.

6. Hotel Photography
A picture paints a thousand words, the song says and is especially true when it comes to hospitality businesses. If you have attractive photos that are well-executed, there is no need to explain the features and amenities of your hotel. The photos will speak for themselves.

7. Review and Filter
Review the edited videos over and again until you are finally satisfied with the content. Do not settle for less.

8. Consult before Uploading
Ask ideas and comments about the final video output before uploading it to the internet.

9. Upload to YouTube
After posting your video in your official online site, post it to YouTube to reach a much bigger audience.

10. Upload to social networking sites
These days, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are very effective marketing venues that different companies use for promotion.

11. Make it viewable in mobile
Your videos must also be compatible to mobile phones.

12. Optimize your video
Include relevant keywords in your posts. Put them in the description, tags and titles.

13. Tap Advocates to Share the Videos
Ask your supporters and everyone within your reach to share the videos of your hotel business; more shares and posts, the larger the pool of viewers.

14. Update the information
Regularly update the information and content of your videos so people will know what\\\’s new in your business.

15. Feedback Mechanism
The ideas and comments of your online viewers are what matter most. Make sure you have a comment box on the video so you will know what people think about it.

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