Social Media Marketing Trends for the hospitality industry for 2014

The digital age has given the hotel industry a broader marketing opportunity. With people getting so hooked up with multimedia and the social media, there is now an additional avenue for showcasing the beauty and individuality of your hospitality business with the help of 360 degree virtual tour.

In 2013, the hotel industry saw the growing power of mobile, working together with competent website designs to attract clients and increase bookings. If you know the right strategy to combine these two most influential trends and use them to your advantage, there will be mounting demands for your business.

Here are some of the strategies that are proven most effective in social media marketing. Analysts themselves foresee these tools as strongest partners for growth this 2014.

A Big Help from Google+

No one can deny that Google is the broadest, most popular search engine we have today. Google is the place where people can find whatever they are looking for – the best restaurants, best buys and best hotels for their vacation. Utilize the influence of Google+ because Google prioritizes pages listed there. Make sure your hospitality business have a page in Google+ and include all the subpages for your spa, restaurant, etc. You better get moving especially now that Google+ has established partnership with YouTube and Google Places.

Social Media

Make sure you have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts so you can connect with a broader audience. These days, people just can’t get enough of the social media. It’s an essential part of everyone’s life so grab every opportunity to traffic they’re feeds with your hotel information, photos and videos. Be proactive in posting and sharing. Do it several times daily because people rely on the social media for most of their decisions, bookings included.

Hotel Photography

All these social media opportunities will be useless if you do not post photos that will blow the minds of everyone who sees it. Interest in photography is at a full-blown stage in this generation so take advantage of that. Never hold back in choosing a photographer or photography group that can shoot the best photos of your hotel business. If you need to spend a hefty amount, it will not be a waste of money because hotel photography is a surefire way to success. The best tool to entice potential clients is a 360 degree virtual tour. With this marketing weapon, you’re giving your audience an online experience of your hotel as if they are standing in front of the area.

Use the 360 degree virtual tour to give your viewers 360-degree panoramas of the most interesting areas of your hotel. Make sure that the photos are the best shots of the area because a single unpleasant shot can turn down a possible booking.

With these tips in mind, you can maximize the love of people for social media and their reliance on hotel photography in choosing the best venue for their events, trips and vacation escapades.

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